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  • maid photo of Soba kali, OKL_myan
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    Darjeeling maid
    Married(33) maid data in 7 days.

    Ref: OKL_myan

    New/Fresh maid
    Height: 153 (cm)
    Weight: 50 (Kg)
    Religion: Christian
    Education: Secondary Level
    She is experienced helper from Darjeeling and knows all household work, cooking, mopping , brooming , baby care

    Her husband is labour
  • maid photo of Limbu Sushmita, Dyn-Dar-1241-19
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    Darjeeling maid
    Single(23) maid data in 7 days.

    Ref: Dyn-Dar-1241-19

    New/Fresh maid
    Height: 154 (cm)
    Weight: 48 (Kg)
    Religion: Hindu
    Education: Secondary Level
    Limbu Sushmita is a new helper to Singapore. She has experience looking after her brother's and sisters kids 6 year old boy and 11 year old girl. She can cook Chapati, Roti, Sabji, Dhal curry. She can do all general household work.

    She is simple and obedient person.
  • maid photo of Pratima Tamang, IND-DAR-REE-7203
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    Darjeeling maid
    Married(29) maid data in 7 days.

    Ref: IND-DAR-REE-7203

    Ex-Singapore maid
    Height: 153 (cm)
    Weight: 65 (Kg)
    Religion: Budddhist
    Education: Secondary Level
    Pratima is from Darjeeling and she is married with a 15 yrs old son. She is has 8 years of education and is a Buddhist.
    She speaks fair English and good Hindi .

    She worked in Singapore before 2 year with Indian family.Now she want come back again.

    She can do general household chores and cook North Indian food. She is able to take care of young children.

    She is able to work in vegetarian and non vegetarian family.

    Her salary is $600 + $50 and 4 off day. Any no off days less than 4 have to be compensated per MOM rulings.

  • maid photo of Indira rai,
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    Darjeeling maid
    Separated(38) maid data in 7 days.