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    Indian maid
    Married (32)
    Upd on 20-10-2019

    Transfer maid
    Height: (cm)
    Weight: (Kg)
    Religion: Christian
    Education: Secondary Level
    Marubariki Aruna Priya 31 from Lakkavaram, Andhra Pradesh. She is willing to work as a FDW in Singapore. She has 5 year and9 months experience as a helper in Singapore. She is married with 1 kid(1g-10) and can speak Telugu and basic English, understand Hindi. She is willing to take care of Infants and Children. She has experience to taking care of her previous employer kids. She is willing to take care of Elders. She loves to play and spend time with children and accompany them. She is willing to work with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian family. Apart from this, she can do cleaning, washing and other house-hold duties. She is earn money for her kid education and support family financially. Now she is in Singapore and available for telephonic & face - to - face interview and ready to start work from End of September. She is expecting a salary of 538* + $42(2 off days compensation) with 2 day off per month.

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