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    Indian maid
    Married (40)
    Upd on 16-12-2019

    Ex-Singapore maid
    Height: (cm)
    Weight: (Kg)
    Religion: Hindu
    Education: High School
    Viswanathan Rekha 40, is married with two children (1b17, 1g12) from Sulankurichi, Tamil Nadu. She can speak Tamil and understand English. She has 10 months experience in Singapore. She is willing to take care of infant and children. She has experience in taking care of children with her previous employer house. She is willing to take care of elders also. She knows to do all household chores. She is willing to work with both vegetarian and non vegetarian family. Now she is in India and available for telephonic conference and willing to join her work as soon as possible. She is coming to Singapore to support her family financially and children studies. Her salary expectation is $412* + $48 ( 3 off days compensation) with 1 days off in a month.

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