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  • maid photo of SRI LESTARI BT ., HS175

    Indonesian maid
    Married (34)
    Upd on 18-01-2019

    Height: (cm)
    Weight: (Kg)
    Religion: Muslim
    Education: High School
    Sri Lestari Bt Marino is an experience FDW.
    She is 33 years old and married with 2 children.

    Has worked in Abu Dhabi for 2 year as housemaid.
    Able to handle household chores.

    Able to cook Indonesian & Arabian dishes.
    Keen to learn local dishes.
    Willing to learn new dishes.

    Has experience looking after own children.
    Has experience looking after elderly age 80 years old.
    Able to look after elderly & children.

    Skype & Telephone interviews are available.

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