Maid Name:
Malinao Mariacel Banog
Ref Code:
New maid
Filipino maid
Place Of Birth:
High School (10~12 yrs)
4 (day/month)
English: (Good)

Other Information

Willing to work on off-days with compensation?
this maid is willing to work on off-days.
Number of off-days per month: 4 (day/month)
Able to handle pork?
this maid is able to handle pork.
Able to eat pork?
this maid can eat pork.
Able to care dog/cat?
this maid can take care of dog and cat.
Able to do simple sewing?
this maid can do simple sewing.
Able to do gardening work?
this maid can do gardening.
Willing to wash car?
this maid can do wash car.

Employment Record

Country Employer
Main Duties
2014 2016 Philippines Filipino CHILDREN CARE (10, 8, 6, 4 &1-YEAR-OLD) & GENERAL HOUSEWORK(SEMI-BUNGALOW HOUSE)
2016 2018 Philippines Filipino family CHILDREN CARE (16, 13, 10 &7-YEAR-OLD) & GENERAL HOUSEWORK(SEMI-BUNGALOW HOUSE)

Maid Skills

Areas of Work Willingness Experience Evaluation
Care of infants/children
Care of elderly
Care of disabled
General housework
Language Skill: ENGLISH
Other Skill: Marketing, Gardening, Sewing,

Maid Introduction

had working experienced in the Philippines as a Domestic Worker.

14 March 2014 till 14 March 2016 2 years with Filipino Family.
•A Family Member with 2 adults and children ages 10, 8, 6 & 4 (daughters) & 1-year-old (son)
•Semi-Bungalow House with 1 bedroom and 1 toilet.•She was the only maid in the house.
•Her duty was children care, general housework and cooking.
•Her main priority was to take care of the children and preparing their school things and food.
•End of contract 07 May 2016 till 07 May 2018 2 years with a Filipino Family.
•A Family Member with 2 adults and children 3 daughters ages 13, 10 & 7-year-old & 16 years old(son).
•Semi-Bungalow House with 2 bedrooms and 1 toilet.
•She was the only maid in the house.
•Her duty was to take care of the children, general housework & cooking.
•Finished Contract.She is suitable for newborn to childcare and general housework. Also, she is willing to take care of the elderly person. She wants to work abroad to earn higher salary to support their children needs.

English Speaking

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