Maid Name:
Ref Code:
Ex-Singapore maid
Filipino maid
Place Of Birth:
High School (10~12 yrs)
2 (day/month)
English: (Fair)

Other Information

Willing to work on off-days with compensation?
this maid is willing to work on off-days.
Number of off-days per month: 2 (day/month)
Able to handle pork?
this maid is able to handle pork.
Able to eat pork?
this maid can eat pork.
Able to care dog/cat?
this maid can take care of dog and cat.
Able to do simple sewing?
this maid can do simple sewing.
Able to do gardening work?
this maid can do gardening.
Willing to wash car?
this maid can do wash car.

Maid Skills

Areas of Work Willingness Experience Evaluation
Care of infants/children
Care of elderly
Care of disabled
General housework

Maid Introduction

is 33 yrs. old, married with 3 children age ( 14, 11,& 5 yrs. old ). She gain experience working as a household helper in Singapore. She work with 3 different employers and had a finish contract with her first employer only.

She work in a HDB with 3 rooms and 2 toilets. She serve 5 people age ( 78, 46, 44, 11 & 7 yrs. old ). She take care of the children by feeding and bathing, change uniform, bring & fetch from school. She do the laundry and iron clothes, sweep and mop the floor, do simple cooking. On her second employer she work in a 2 storey house with 5 rooms and 3 toilets and serve 7 people.

She work only for seven days because there are so many people, 2 families living in one house. The last employer she work in a HDB with 4 rooms and 3 toilets and serve 3 people age ( 63, 26 & 23 yrs. old ). Her duties is to prepare breakfast, feed and bring the dog outside for a walk, laundry clothes and iron, sweep and mop the floor, marketing, car wash, and give the diabetic daughter her medicine and do reflex. She only work for 2 months because there is an emergency problem with her family and need to go back home.

She decided to work again in Singapore to help her family.

Maid Agency: Budget Employment Service Centre

(License No.: 01C3750 / 06C5215)

Address: 170 Upper Bukit Timah #02-01K,
Bukit Timah Shopping Centre, Singapore 588179
Tel: 6256 1555 (Thomson), 6469 1555 (Bukit Timah S.C),
Fax: 6469 5216
Email: Maid Agency Email 
Contact Person: us
Handphone: 62561555 (Thomson), 64691555 / 64672555 (Bkt Timah), 67939555 (Gek Poh S.C), 68841555 (Woodlands)
Office Hour: Mon Sat 10.00 a.m. 8.00 p.m.

Sun - 10.00 a.m. 6.00 p.m.

Public Holidays - 10.00 a.m. - 4.00 p.m.

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Maid Agency:
Budget Employment Service Centre
Contact Person:
62561555 (Thomson), 64691555 / 64672555 (Bkt Timah), 67939555 (Gek Poh S.C), 68841555 (Woodlands)

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