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 Maid Name: KARIMAH ( URGENT )
 Ref. Code: INDO05FEB
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Ref. Code  INDO05FEB
Type  Ex-Singapore maid
Nationality  Indonesian maid
Date of Birth  26-09-1976 (ages:38 years)
Height  150cm
Weight  48Kg
Religion  Muslim
Marital Status  Married
Number of Children  1
Maid's Present Salary  450
Maid's Expected Salary  500
Education  Secondary Level(7~9 yrs)
Present Contract Ends On  15/02/2013
Language  English (Good)
 Mandarin/Chinese-Dialect (Poor)
 Bahasa Indonesia/Malaysia (Good)
 Hindi (Poor)
 Tamil (Poor)
Number of Off-days  2 day(s) per month
Other Information  Able to handle pork?
 Able to eat pork?
 Able to care dog/cat?
 Able to do simple sewing?
 Able to do gardening work?
 Willing to wash car?
Employment History
From To Country Employer Work Duties Remarks
2008 2010 HDB 5-ROOM Taking care grandmoher 58 years old,Housekeeping and cooking. Chinese employer 2 years.FINISH CONTRACT
2011 2013 HDB 5-ROOM Taking care grandmother.Housekeeping and cooking. Chinese employer 2 years.FINISH CONTRACT.
Work Proficiency
Very Good Good Can Learn Comments
General Housekeeping
Care For Young Children
Care for Infant
Care For Elderly/Disabled
 This applicant can be considered proficieat in doing household chores such us cleaning,washing clothes,dish washing,and ironing.Pleasant,reliable,polite and hamble.Can cook simple chinese food for elderly and family.Can work independantly with less supervision.Have experience with attending to elderly folks needs.Have innitiative and patience in doing things

Good in general housekeeping plus looking after elderly.

Can do cooking simple chinese food and willing to learn more.

Willing to look after grandfather

Karimah is a harworking and cheerful person.

She has very good working attitud with good records.

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