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Address: 5001 Beach Road #08-10 Golden Mile Complex,
Singapore 199588
Tel: 84993349
Contact Person: Yvette Cristobal/William Lau
Handphone: 84993349/86111252
Office Hour: Monday to Friday: 12pm - 9pm
Saturday & PH: Closed
Sunday: 1pm - 6pm
Maid Agency Introduction
Sadly, a significant number of maid employers in Singapore today are often frustrated with the high costs of hiring a helper. Adding to the frustration are the many hidden costs, fees & charges often not made crystal clear to the employers in the first place. We shall be the 1st maid agency in Singapore to operate totally different (Simple Price Package) – FEES ARE STRAIGHTFORWARD, CRYSTAL CLEAR & TRANSPARENT.

Due to overwhelming response and queries from you regarding our fees payable, we will state out clearly here with full transparency our final Nett amount payable for each of the 2 package options (Option A and Option B):

Package Option A (Transfer Maid) - Agency fee $880 + Maid insurance $299.60 + MOM fee $60 = $1239.60 NETT (NO MAID LOAN, NO PLACEMENT FEE & NO ANY OTHER FEES e.g. medical examination fees & transportation fees etc, as we will absorb all these fees).

*Package includes 2-years guarantee with 1 free replacement of maid

Package Option B (Ex-Singapore Maid) - NO MOM fee & NO ANY OTHER FEES (e.g. medical examination fees, transportation fees etc) as we will absorb all these fees. We only charge 3 things:

1) Maid's loan (2 months loan only. Maximum is capped at 2 months). This is deducted from the maid's salary

2) Agency fee $580

3) Maid Insurance

That’s it. Nothing else.

You shall pay your maid's loan upfront to us. Therefore you DO NOT need to pay salary to your maid for the FIRST 2 MONTHS. In other words, your maid's loan is 2 months, this means you DO NOT have to pay her salary for the first 2 months. You will only START to pay salary to your maid on the 3rd month and onwards.

Total Nett amount payable to us under Option (B) => 2 months maid's salary (Maid's loan) + Agency fee $580 + Maid insurance $299.60 = Final Nett amount (NO MOM FEE & NO ANY OTHER FEES e.g. medical examination fees & transportation fees etc, as we will absorb all these fees). See example below:

E.g. Your maid's monthly salary is $550 and her loan is 2 months. The total amount payable to us is => 2 months x $550 + Agency fee $580 + Maid insurance $299.60 = $1979.60 NETT

*Package includes 2-years guarantee with 2 free replacements of maid

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