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1 Stop Maid Services is an online maid agency managed singlehandledly by a freelance EA who is also holding another full time job. Due to the nature of our agency, we only accept enquiries by whatsapp / SMS / email and all procedures are conducted online with biodatas emailed to prospective FDW employers.
Maid Agency Introduction

1 Stop Maid Services (License No: 13C6592) is an online maid agency managed singlehandledly by a freelance EA who is also holding another full time job. Due to the nature of our agency,
we only accept enquiries by whatsapp / SMS / email and all procedures are conducted online with biodatas emailed to prospective FDW employers (scroll down to "Payment & Procedure" for more details of our procedures).

may be an online agency but do rest assure that this agency and our EA
personnel are 100% certified by MOM and listed in MOM EA directory and
we believe in 100% transparency & have no hidden cost.

If you are not comfortable with our procedure and enquiry process, we do understand and you are free to
approach other agencies for assistance to help search f0r a suitable FDW. No
obligations and we apologises for any inconvenience caused.


Our fees payable includes:


$800 includes:
a. Agency Fee:- $650 (EX-SIN & TRANSFER) / $550 (FRESH)

b. Documentation Fees: $150 (EX-SIN & TRANSFER) / $250 (FRESH) consisting of:
>>> WP application & issuance + medical (ALL): $100
>>> Runner Fee: $50 (EX-SIN & TRANSFER) / $75 (FRESH)


Depends on the insurance plan you select. Basic Plan: $240.00 inclusive of GST; Standard Plan: $283.00 inclusive of GST.  Optional topup: for additional $53.50 inclusive of GST, upgrade your selected plan to a plan with indemnity to safeguard your $5,000 security bond.


Depends on the FDW selected. Refer to top right of the FDW's pdf biodata for estimated loan amount. Actual amount and breakdown will be given when the FDW is confirmed. Employer to pay on behalf of FDW and deduct the amount from her salary over a period of 6-8 months.


$74.90 inclusive of GST. As of 1 Feb 2018, the Indonesian Embassy requires ALL employers of Indonesian FDWs to purchase a $6,000 embassy bond before they are allowed to hire a FDW to work in Singapore.

TOTAL PACKAGE FEE = 1. PACKAGE FEE ($800) + 2. FDW's INSURANCE (depends on plan selected)  + 3. FDW'S LOAN (depends on FDW selected) + 4. INDONESIAN EMBASSY 6K BOND ($74.90)


1. Whatsapp/SMS/Email us your enquiry stating:

(i) the job scope of the FDW you are looking to hire;

(ii) your preference of the FDW (e.g EX-SIN/EX-ABROAD/EX-INDO/FRESH,
married/single, with own children, with experience in taking care of elderly,
children etc) so that we can drop you an email with some FDWs' biodata to
consider. A phone conference interview for you with the shortlisted FDW(s)
if required.

2. After the interview, if you decide to confirm/hire a particular FDW, a
deposit of $50 will be required with the submission of some MOM forms and and employer's NRIC (required by
Indonesian Embassy for Embassy Bond) through email. Deposit to be transferred
to our OCBC Bank Account 628-390023-001. Once deposit and forms are received,
we will proceed to apply the work permit and insurance for the FDW.

3. After approval of the FDW's IPA & insurance which will take about 2
working days, we will email you the remaining MOM forms required to be filled
up and signed. The balance payment of the package fee & full payment of insurance
fee is payable. It will take 1-2 weeks for the confirmed FDW to arrive in Singapore depending on the processing in Indonesia. Delays in Indonesia (if any) may result   esp 1mth before & after Hari Raya Puasa. We have no control over delays in Indonesia but we will update you as soon as we receive updates.

4. On FDW's arrival in Singapore, we will hold her for a few days to get the
necessary procedures in Singapore done. For EX-SIN FDWs, she will be sent to
you after her medical is done. A runner will pick her up on a later date for her
MOM appointment. You will be informed on the date the FDW will be sent to you.
Full payment of FDW's loan is payable on the day the FDW arrive at your place.

you are a first time employer, MOM requires you to attend the Employer
Orientation Programme before you are allowed to hire a FDW. You may find
out more by googling "Employer Orientation Programme".


If replacement is within the first 12 months of the FDW's employment, you
You will only be required to pay the DOCUMENTATION FEE, FDW'S INSURANCE
of the replacement maid where applicable. If FDW is
under investigation or employer repatriate FDW on their own accord, replacement
will no longer be valid.  Replacement FDWs are NOT entitled to another


In addition to the placement service of Indonesian FDWs, we also provide ala-carte
service including work permit application/renewal & FDW insurance. For ala
carte services, we do not include flying in the FDW from their home country, bringing FDW for medical, Settling in Programme and thumbprint appointment at MOM. Should there be a need, employers
will have to make their own arragements. We will be glad to advise in whatever way we can.

Sandy (EA Personnel Reg No: R1329314)

1 Stop Maid Services (EA Reg No: 13C6592)

Registered Address: 20 Joo Koon Circle (S) 629052

Website: 1stopms.sg

Email: 1stopmaidsvcs@gmail.com


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