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  • maid photo of Sharmila Khati, Ds1626
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    Darjeeling Transfer maid
    Widowed(25) maid data in 7 days.

    Ref: Ds1626

    Transfer maid
    Height: 149 (cm)
    Weight: 50 (Kg)
    Religion: Christian
    Education: Secondary Level
    Sharmila is active , confiident and jovial candidate. She was working in a local hotel doing work in Kitchen , cooking and dishwashing . Also housekeeping , such as room cleaning and bedroom setting.
    She is widowed .
    She wish to work in Singapore for her son's future.

    * Cooking ( Veg / non-veg North Indian Dishes)
    * Childcare ( Infant to young kids)
    * Household Chores
    *Grocery Shopping
    * Can use Kitchen Appliances
    * Laundry ( Hand Wash & Machine Wash)
    * Ironing
    * Pet Friendly
  • maid photo of Bimla Rai, IND-DAR-NEP-6234
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    Darjeeling Transfer maid
    Married(28) maid data in 7 days.

    Ref: IND-DAR-NEP-6234

    Transfer maid
    Height: 157 (cm)
    Weight: 52 (Kg)
    Religion: Christian
    Education: Secondary Level
    Bimla is 28 years old, married with 3 children ages 12,10 and 7 years old.,She has 4 brothers and 5 sister.

    She speak a little English and good in Hindi. She is Christian Religion and she is pure Vegetarian.

    She worked as a house maid in one YADAVA FAMILY in Lokhnow India for 2 years.

    This is consider new in Singapore and for transfer now

    She can cook Indian food well and willing to learn new Dishes in Singapore.

    She can do all general housekeeping and take care of young children , independent of carrying Infant ,and willing to take care of elderly.

    She is able to cook Simple North Indian and Nepalese food.

    She has NO medical conditions stated in the official MOM 4 page bio data.

    Her salary is $420 + $34 and 2 off day per month or $420 + 4 off days. The $34 is the two off -in-lieu additional allowance per MOM calculation

  • maid photo of Indu Rai, trf - indu
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    Darjeeling Transfer maid

    Ref: trf - indu

    Transfer maid
    Height: 158 (cm)
    Weight: 52 (Kg)
    Religion: Hindu
    Education: Secondary Level
    EX SINGAPORE (4 MONTHS) DARJEELING maid on TRANSFER, 30 years old from KALIMPONG, West Bengal. Able to converse in Hindi and Nepali. Non-vegetarian and willing to handle meat. Able to do Nepali and North Indian cooking and taking care of children any age. Able to take care of elderly/special needs if taught. Currently in SINGAPORE AND AVAILABLE FOR INTERVIEW

    Contact our agency at 9182 2363 or email to for more information.
    Contact Hours: 11 am to 8 pm
    Visiting hours: By appointment only
    Multiple Choices
    12C5524 / R1110164
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