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  • maid photo of SUNITA GURUNG, MR05-5017
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    Darjeeling Transfer maid
    Married(42) maid data in 7 days.

    Ref: MR05-5017

    Transfer maid
    Height: 156 (cm)
    Weight: 50 (Kg)
    Religion: Hindu
    Education: High School
    3 Days Promo until 28 June, 2018
    For Free Interview please call :
    (Pls sms for call back with your requirements if lines are busy)

    Orchard ,Far East Shopping :67330407 / 6734 8346 / 6733 8348
    Bukit Timah Shopping Centre :64630407 / 6467 6757
    Lucky Plaza :6737 0018 /6737 0023

    Sunita is from Darjeeling, India. She is Married with two children and have two siblings,too.

    She is Hindu.

    She has experienced in Singapore. Her employer is Indian Family

    She doing all-around housekeeping

    She keeps the house tidy and neat at all times. She do washing /ironing/ folding of clothes, cooking, marketing, preparing of meals and more and making her more easier by using the modern appliances such as washing machine, blender, grinder, iron and more.

    Sunita can cook Indian dishes. She is willing to learn more and can follow new dishes from a recipe books and through the employers,too.

    She is hardworking and obedient person.
  • maid photo of Nisha Lama, IND-DAR-ROS-6297
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    Darjeeling Transfer maid
    Married(30) maid data in 7 days.

    Ref: IND-DAR-ROS-6297

    Transfer maid
    Height: 153 (cm)
    Weight: 63 (Kg)
    Religion: Budddhist
    Education: Secondary Level
    Nisha Lama is from Darjeeling and married with 2 children she is Buddhist and has 9 yrs of education and She speak Hindi and little English.

    She has 4 years of experience working as maid in the Bhutan.
    And she is now here in Singapore and on transfer.

    She is able to take care of older children and can take care elderly people. She is able to do all household chores and cooks North Indian and Nepalese food well.

    Her salary is $500 + $40 and 2 off day.4 off day. Any no off days less 4 have to be compensated per MOM rulings.

  • maid photo of Rai Sanjeeta, DYN-DAR-2209
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    Darjeeling Transfer maid
    Married(32) maid data in 7 days.

    Ref: DYN-DAR-2209

    Transfer maid
    Height: 158 (cm)
    Weight: 60 (Kg)
    Religion: Christian
    Education: High School
    Sanjeeta Rai is transfer helper to Singapore. She is married with Children. she is able to speak simple English and converse in Hindi. She is able to cook north Indian food. She can take care children and has experience for 2 years working for an family in Delhi looking after their children and doing the housework.
  • maid photo of BISWAKARMA DEVI., DS2416
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    Darjeeling Transfer maid
    Married(42) maid data in 7 days.

    Ref: DS2416

    Transfer maid
    Height: 157 (cm)
    Weight: 53 (Kg)
    Religion: Hindu
    Education: Secondary Level
    * Cooking ( Veg / non-veg North Indian Dishes)
    * Childcare ( Infant to young kids)
    * Household Chores
    *Grocery Shopping
    * Can use Kitchen Appliances
    * Laundry ( Hand Wash & Machine Wash)
    * Ironing
    * Pet Friendly

    She has been with 1 employer since 2014 to now.
  • maid photo of CHANDRA KALA PR., MPS53
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    Darjeeling Transfer maid
    Single(27) maid data in 7 days.

    Ref: MPS53

    Transfer maid
    Height: 153 (cm)
    Weight: 45 (Kg)
    Religion: Hindu
    Education: College/Degree
    For Salary Enquiries And Set-Up Interview,
    Please Contact us at 93550064/ 62544544
    CHARU R1552209/ SYA R1872672
    Madison People Solution Pte.Ltd. REG:17C8953
    170,Upper Bukit Timah Road,#05-01
    Bukit Timah Shopping Center, Singapore 588179

    chandra kala Pradhan 27, is an Indian helper from Darjeeling. She has 8months experience as a helper in Singapore. She is willing to work as a FDW in Singapore. She is single and can speak Hindi,& basic English. She is willing to take care of children in all ages. She loves to play and spend time with children and accompany them. She has the experience in taking care of her previous employer's kids. Apart from this, she can do cleaning, washing and other house-hold duties. She is coming to earn money for her family. Now she is in Singapore and available for telephonic interview.
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